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Why it is Important to Preserve Your Fertility

Blog post written in collaboration with our partners IVF Spain
Many women nowadays do not prioritise starting a family in their 20s but rather want to focus on their personal journey due to many different reasons.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average age of first-time motherhood has steadily increased within the last few decades from 23.7 to 28.9 years. But thanks to assisted reproduction techniques like cryopreservation (freezing of a woman’s eggs), women are no longer pressured by their biological clock and can choose to postpone motherhood.

Even though we support each woman in her personal journey, it is no secret that age significantly affects the fertility of a woman. From 35 years on, a woman’s ovarian reserve reduces drastically, resulting in a smaller number and lower quality of eggs. And, to achieve an ongoing and healthy pregnancy, the quality of the eggs is crucial.

Some reasons as to why a woman would want to preserve her fertility are wanting to be financially stable and have an established career or to enjoy the relationship with their partner before becoming parents. Maybe you have met your significant other in your 30s and don’t want to immediately become pregnant but waiting a few years would impact your ability to become a mother through natural ways.

Freezing your eggs is a great option when you just need some more time to think about the decision of starting a family but don’t want to negatively impact your fertility.

By freezing their eggs in their mid-20s, women can freely choose when to become pregnant and have the security that their frozen oocytes will have a great quality. Therefore, at IVF-Spain, we offer a simple procedure to preserve your fertility. The procedure consists of a controlled ovarian stimulation with the aim of obtaining the largest possible number of eggs to finally preserve those of highest quality.

There are also medical reasons as to why a woman would want to preserve her fertility. For women with oncological issues, diseases such as lupus, which affect fertility, or women suffering from cancer, who will soon have to undergo chemotherapy, fertility preservation is especially recommended.

This is what our patient Itsaso did before her cancer treatment:

“Before I started chemotherapy, I carried out ovarian stimulation to preserve my eggs before they were damaged by the chemotherapy. I knew that I would regret it later if I did not keep my eggs, because in the end it meant a life insurance policy, another chance to become a mother. Now that I have almost finished hormone therapy and can finally start thinking about motherhood, I am glad that you were brave and encouraged me to do it.”

You can read the complete interview with Itsaso here. The experience of a strong woman suffering from breast cancer who preserved her fertility before her treatment.


If you want to learn more about this topic, we invite you to take a look at our most recent blog article about fertility preservation or to contact us here.

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