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What is SecureIVF?

Blog post written in collaboration with our partners UR Vistahermosa.
When trying to conceive, it is quite common for parents-to-be to be concerned about the health of their future babies. For this reason, parents try to have a healthy lifestyle, take supplements, do several tests and checks before and during pregnancy. We interviewed Marta Varea from UR Vistahermosa, to learn about SecureIVF, a new program that aims to give patients peace of mind, that in case they get pregnant they will have a healthy baby at home.

What is secure ivf?

At UR Vistahermosa it is essential to ensure the safety of our patients and of course of their offspring so we have created secure IVF which consists on the combination of IVF and PGT-A testing to detect possible chromosome alterations in the embryos. This is a biopsy done to the embryos on day 5 of development. As we have our own genetics department at UR Vistahermosa, we can have the results in 4 hours and there is no need to freeze the embryos.

By doing this we select the embryos with the highest probability of implantation, increasing the success rates of the IVF cycles and the chance of having a healthy baby.

Marta Varea, UR Vistahermosa

Who is eligible to have SecureIVF?

Women over the age of 35 years old that are more likely to have chromosomal abnormalities, or when there’s male factor infertility with a history of poor quality sperm. It is also useful in cases of recurring miscarriages, or recurrent implantation failures.
When couples are faced with unexplained infertility, it can also help rule out possible chromosomal causes and help choose a healthy embryo.

What are the main advantages of SecureIVF?

The main advantage is the reduced risk of miscarriage, the higher success rates of IVF and there will also be an increased probability of having a healthy baby.

How can patients apply for SecureIVF?

At the first consultation with the doctor, patients will need to undergo some testing to make sure that everything is ok and to set the most personalised protocol. If the patient and the doctor agree to proceed with Secure IVF, the patient just needs to sign some informative legal documents to be part of this. The goal of this treatment is to give our patients peace of mind, that in case they get pregnant they will have a healthy baby at home.


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