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Prolactin Test (PROL)
4th July 2022
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Blood Group/Rh ABO


A simple test to check your blood group Rh ABO ahead of fertility treatment.


A test to check your blood group RH ABO ahead of fertility treatment


Which biomarkers are tested?

  • Blood group RH ABO


Who should take this test?

  • Women and men who want to check their blood group RH ABO ahead of fertility treatment


What is the process?

  1. Order online
  2. Receive a discrete test kit 
  3. Book a consultation with a Superdrug nurse to collect the sample
  4. Post the kit using free packaging provided
  5. Receive your results reviewed by our clinical team


Special instructions

The sample will be collected by the Superdrug nurse directly from your vein. Once you have received your kit, book your nurse appointment through this link. The Superdrug service costs £40 and will be paid directly to Superdrug upon booking.


How long will it take to get the results?

Up to 2 working days


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