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Enhanced Fertility founder wins Women in Innovation award

Andreia Trigo Women in Innovation

Enhanced Fertility Founder wins government backing with prestigious Women in Innovation award to develop AI software that makes personalised fertility care accessible to all.


Andreia Trigo, founder of Enhanced Fertility, is recognised as a leading female entrepreneur and wins government funding.

• With 1 in 6 couples facing infertility, the government grant will be used to develop an AI software that makes personalised fertility care accessible to all.

• Investment comes on International Women’s Day and is part of the government’s ambition to give more support for women innovators and business leaders.

In celebration of International Women’s Day on Tuesday 8th March 2022, Enhanced Fertility is delighted to announce their recognition by Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation Awards. Businesswomen and nurse Andreia Trigo is the founder of the award-winning, fertility platform Enhanced Fertility.

Andreia was diagnosed with infertility at 17 years old. She struggled to cope with the lifelong losses of infertility and questioned her womanhood and purpose. Twenty years later, she has created Enhanced Fertility to give back to society and to feel fulfilled. She says:
"My goal is to help people be diagnosed sooner, get referred to fertility specialists that can help them and create a personalised treatment plan that increases their chances of conception."

Andreia Trigo

Andreia added:
“We are already helping people through at-home hormone tests and an online validated assessment of fertility risk factors. The Women in Innovation grant is going to help us develop the Doctor’s Portal, where clinicians can decide which treatment is most likely to result in pregnancy and live birth for each specific patient. We are bringing predictive analytics to the consultation room and making personalised medicine available to all patients trying to conceive.”

Andreia Trigo

The flagship Women in Innovation Awards is a key part of Innovate UK’s commitment to boosting the number of UK female entrepreneurs.

Emily Nott, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Innovate UK said:
“It has continued to be a challenging year of uncertainty but these pioneering, resilient women inspire us to dream big and make an impact despite the difficulties we face. Innovate UK will work alongside these winners to ensure they have the resources and support required to turn their innovative ideas and aspirations into a reality, while encouraging a new generation of women to come forward and pursue their ambitions.”

Emily Nott

Indro Mukerjee, CEO of Innovate UK, said:
“We have an incredible opportunity to make a real difference to the talent and skills pipeline for UK business innovation by inspiring, involving and investing in greater diversity. With practical actions like our Women in Innovation programme, we can help make a real difference to developing the successful innovators and businesses of the future”.

Indro Mukerjee


Innovate UK is the UK’s national Innovation agency. The Women in Innovation programme empowers female business leaders to develop commercially-successful solutions to major social, environmental and economic challenges. Women in Innovation is part of Innovate UK’s commitment to promote greater diversity and inclusion in business innovation.

The programme identifies women with exciting, innovative ideas and ambitious plans that will inspire others. The awards are for female founders, co-founders or senior decision makers working in businesses that have been operating for at least one year. The programme support includes a grant for each individual, as well as a bespoke package of mentoring, coaching and business support.

Learn more about the Women in Innovation programme at:

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