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Ropa method at IVF Life
One baby, two moms: the fertility treatment making it possible
11th March 2022
Doctor Ailen Aluri explains: What causes infertility?
Doctor Ailen Aluri explains: What causes infertility?
12th April 2022
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Partnership with Fertility Road Magazine

Partnership Fertility Road Magazine
Blog post written in collaboration with our partners Fertility Road Magazine.
We know how patients enjoy learning about their fertility online. That is why we partnered with Fertility Road Magazine to bring you even more information and support to this challenging journey.

Fertility Road is going digital

The Fertility Road Magazine is going DIGITAL! The first online issue launches end March 2022 and subscription and download is FREE. Go to to register!

What's new about Fertility Road Magazine?

Previously, Fertility Road was a general fertility magazine. The new digital magazine is not a general fertility magazine, it is All About IVF. The new digital magazine will be divided into three easy-to-navigate sections:

1) IVF road
2) Donor route
3) IVF Abroad

What can readers expect?

• The best Go-To online resource for everything related to IVF and donor conception
• Relevant, topical articles written by leading fertility experts
• Medical subjects explained in easy-to-understand, relatable language
• Beginner’s Guides for those readers who are new to IVF
• Up-to-date advice on IVF treatment abroad – what to consider before going abroad and cost comparison by country


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