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We are a group of fertility clinics specialised in complex cases. We are based in Spain with clinics in Alicante, Madrid and San Sebastián. The constant innovation and a firm commitment to technology keeps us at the forefront in the assisted reproduction field treating patients from all over the world with a high degree of success, patients who come to our clinic with an average of 4.5 failed cycles performed at other centres.

Our pregnancy rates are well above the Spanish average established by the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society); and depending on the type of treatment, the success rates are up to 80%, according to data certificated by SGS and Applus.

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Step by Step


Medical Consultation

Chat with one of our fertility specialists who will analyse your case, tests and order any additional test required, give you information about the best treatment for you.

Sperm Analysis

When necessary, we will ask you for a sperm sample to analyse in our laboratory.

Mandatory Tests

IVF-Spain follows WHO Patient Security recommendationsto to ensure your security and that of your future baby throughout the process.

Treatment Confirmation

Your doctor and the IVF-Spain team will design and provide you with a personal treatment plan. As well as your doctor, the nursing team will also follow your case.

Embryo Transfer

Before the transfer, you will be told about the development of your embryos .After the transfer, you will receive a report with comprehensive information about your treatment and embryonic development.

Pregnancy Test

This test can be performed at IVF-Spain. We will give you the results personally and the necessary instructions.

First ultrasound scans

Approximately two weeks after confirming that your β-hCG is positive, you should have an ultrasound scan to check that your pregnancy is developing normally.

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