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23rd November 2020
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14th January 2021
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My Top Tips to Cope with Christmas when Trying to Conceive

Cope with christmas when trying to conceive
This season can be full of joy and laughter, but for those who are trying to conceive, it can also be a reminder of what we don't have. This Christmas, I want you to know that you are not alone, and there are a few things you can do that make this season a bit better. Here are my top tips to help you cope with Christmas when trying to conceive.

Nourishing the Body During Christmas Season

With Christmas around the corner, one of the questions I am asked often is whether we should stick to a fertility diet during this season. I usually say that a good nutrition for fertility doesn’t need to be 100% strict. Eating healthy 80% of the time is enough. After all, food is more than nutrition, it’s a way of spending time with others and being social, and we need to allow some flexibility.

A healthy diet is one that gives your body the nutrients it needs to work properly, that fits into your schedule, that meets your needs. One that makes you feel stronger, physically and mentally. It's a food plan that has balance and that you are able to maintain in the future, because you are making a choice of living a healthy lifestyle. It's a way of eating that becomes second nature and is easy to do.

Think about your favourite Christmas treats. Is there a way of making them a bit healthier? Here’s a few nutrition tips that can help you adjust your food choices to healthier options, even during the holidays season.

Nourishing the Heart During Christmas Season

Christmas can truly be a difficult season for everyone who is trying to conceive. There are triggers in every TV advert, on social media and everytime we’re out and about. There’s calls from friends and families with questions and unsolicited advice that can make us feel sad and emotionally distressed.

That’s why I recorded this Christmas Mindfulness Meditation, so you can nurture your heart. And know that no matter what happens this season, you have the love, the strength and the flexibility to cope with it. Click here to download the Christmas meditation.

Nourishing the Mind During Christmas Season

I put together my top tips for family and friends who might want to support you during Christmas and don't know how.

🌸 Don't ask 'When are you having children?'
🌸 Be understanding, kind, empathetic, respectful of our challenges without judging
🌸 Don't offer solutions - believe we must have tried more than you can imagine
🌸 Don't say we're lucky not to have children
🌸 Be available to listen

Tag, show and share it with anyone who want to be supportive and let them know how they can help!

Nourishing the Mind During Christmas Season

And here are my top tips for yourself, to help you cope during this period. Make sure you practice some self care during this season.

🌸 Save some 'me time' to do the things you enjoy
🌸 Health healthy most of the time but allow some indulgence and treats
🌸 Prepare ahead for those challenging questions with an answer that feels right to you
🌸 Remember every journey to family is unique and you are on your way to yours
🌸 Practice a 3 min body scan mindfulness to connect with yourself
🌸 Write down 3 things you are grateful for

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