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9th March 2021
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Male Fertility and Home Sperm Testing

Male Fertility and Home Sperm Testing
Men are half of the equation to pregnancy and male related infertility accounts for 30% of all infertility cases. But even when a couple doesn’t have any fertility problems, it might take several months to conceive naturally.

We have always said that knowledge is power, and to be educated puts you in control of your fertility journey. The most important examination for men is analysis of the seminal fluid. Here the ability of the sperm to move and how many sperm are produced per ml are measured. Lifestyle, habits, and medical conditions can have an impact on male fertility, and you can read all about it here.

That’s why making a home sperm test can be a useful tool for you to be aware of your body. Although it won’t give you a diagnosis, It can give you a hint that you need to make adjustments to your lifestyle or even let you know that there might be a medical condition so you can look for medical help sooner.

Aside from having the information early in your journey, another benefit is that making this test at home can be way more comfortable. The collection of semen is usually made by masturbation. Men often report feeling more relaxed doing it at home as opposed to in a clinical environment.
Cryos sperm donor

There are several home sperm tests in the market, but according to NHS, a sperm test should measure at least concentration (also called “count”) and motility, so this should be one of the characteristics you want in your home-testing kit.

We are always looking for ways to help you, and one product I think that can be helpful for your journey is the ExSeed Sperm Home Test. The ExSeed test has a state-of-the art technology of semen analysis, and it is possible to analyse sperm at home, in privacy. In addition, through the ExSeed app, the user receives personal counselling and lifestyle programs to help increase sperm quality and increase the chances of becoming pregnant faster.

ExSeed is a smartphone-based self-test for assessment of:
  • Semen volume (ml)
  • Sperm cell concentration (Million/ml)
  • Sperm cell motility (%)
  • Total Motile Sperm Cells (Million)

ExSeed enables a user to estimate the quality of his sperm sample. It also enables the user to monitor and track the progression of the sperm quality over time.

Do you want to hear good news? We got a 10% discount for all EFP patients, just use the promo code efp10 at the checkout. You can know more and buy you ExSeed Sperm Home Test here!


* ExSeed does not provide a comprehensive evaluation of a male’s fertility status and is intended for over-the counter, in vitro use only. For a complete assessment of male reproductive health, the user should consult a medical professional.

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