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Test your fertility
at home

Reliable female and male fertility tests
to assess your hormones and biomarkers

Which test to take?

How It Works

  • Step 1 - Order your test online
  • Step 2 - Receive a discrete test kit
  • Step 3 - Collect the sample whilst on a video call with us
  • Step 4 - Post the kit using the free packaging provided
  • Step 5 - Receive your results reviewed by our clinical team

Rapid & Discreet Testing

With our discrete and confidential fertility test kits you can take control of your fertility and test 20+ hormones and biomarkers.

The kit is made up in the lab and includes validated and sterile components. After sending your sample, it will be analysed in a certified lab, making sure your results are as reliable as if the sample had been collected at a clinic.

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Laboratory Quality Assurance

Our labs partner participates in recognised National External Quality Assessment Schemes. These schemes are subscribed to by NHS and private laboratories. Results are subjected to strict internal and external quality control.


What tests do we offer?

Enhanced Fertility offers both comprehensive and individual at-home tests.

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The Small Book of Fertility Hormones