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Fertility Self-Assessment Research

In our mission of making fertility education, support and care accessible to all, we launched a new tool: the Fertility Risk Detection Tool.

This questionnaire is available on our App and Website, and analyses several aspects of your health and lifestyle, and categorises each as low, medium, or high. Based on your risk factors, we point you towards certain actions.

When we consider all aspects of your health and life, we are more likely to recommend the right fertility plan!

Why should you take this assessment?

In our research, we noticed that most people don't have a global view of all factors that may affect their fertility. This includes certain symptoms, medical conditions, hormones, lifestyle, habits or even hereditary factors.

With the Fertility Risk Detection Tool you can be aware of all these aspects.

After you complete it, you will receive a copy of all your answers. 

It gives valuable information about your lifestyle, mental and physical health to you and to healthcare professionals, so together you can formulate a more accurate fertility plan.

And don't worry, your answers will be treated anonymously.

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