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4th February 2021
How does a sperm bank screen and select healthy sperm donors?
9th March 2021
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Egg donation in Embryoclinic: All you need to know!

Blog post written in collaboration with our partners Embryoclinic


The donation of genetic material is the absolute gift of life. For this reason in Embryoclinic we dedicate a lot of time and all our dedication to the egg donation programs. Our wish is to make sure that both donor and recipient have received high quality treatments with the aim of the best possible result.

In Embryoclinic we aim at individualized treatment and evidence based medicine with honesty, respect and care for our patients. Particular attention is paid to patients’ individual needs, social background, religious beliefs, medical status and wellness.

This is the main reason we established a dedicated Donation Team. Dr. Tsakos is personally involved with all donation programs, a Senior Embryologist, a Senior Midwife and the Coordinator of every patient, will make sure all information have been taken into account before matching.


Finding you the perfect match is the really exciting part for us. We take every decision personal and into account for every offspring we create.

We are not just trying to meet certain standard criteria. Our aim is to ensure, as much as we can, that your future child will fit comfortably into your family. We would like him or her to have characteristics in common with you, not just physically but in personality and character as he or she grows up in your family.

The Donation Team will ask for your physical characteristics, backgrounds, interests and hobbies and look for similarities in personality and character. Additionally we will ask you for a photograph of yourselves and we will use a matching program of our system.

Egg Donors

Embryoclinic egg donors are young girls in their 20s. They attend the clinic on their own and ask to become donors. Following this our dedicated Donation Team is responsible to identify who of them are suitable to become egg donors.

Only around 40-50% of candidate donors successfully passes all the stages of evaluation and is accepted as Embryoclinic donors.

Initially they meet a senior midwife who is responsible to explain the whole procedure and guide them into this wonderful journey.

After the initial appointment they meet a Senior Gynecologist who is taking a lengthy medical history (personal and family) and examine them. After the gynecological examination they are going through a full blood screening analyses. Specifically all Embryoclinic donors:
They are tested negative for all the diseases required by current legislation, in particulars they have been screened for antibodies for HIV Type I/II, HbsAg, anti-HCV, RPR/VDRL (blood tests have been performed within 6 months of egg donation).

Moreover, all donors have a normal Karyotype, are not carriers of Cystic Fibrosis, Fragile X genetic disease, Thalassemia & they have a Negative Sickle Cell Test. In addition, the egg donors have been tested normal for antibodies against Toxoplasmosis, Rubella and Cytomegalovirus. (Blood tests have been performed within 6 months of egg collection). And of course PCR - DNA analyses for COVID – 19 X 2 times during the process.

Our Donors have a Formal Psychological assessment and have been approved suitable for Egg Donation based on their normal functionality and mental health.

Finally, egg donors are registered on the National Greek Donor Registry.

Legal Aspects

Egg and sperm donation in Greece are strictly anonymous. By the law we are not allowed to share with you any identification information. But we are allowed to inform you about the tests that she has completed before donation and the below unidentified characteristics:
  • Age
  • Blood Group
  • Color of Hair & Eyes
  • Skin tone
  • Height & Weight
Consequently, neither the donors will ever learn where their genetic material has went.

Recipients of donations in Greece can be women up to 50 years old. Both the donor and the recipient sign their corresponding consent forms before starting the procedure, as the law requires.

Donation Procedure

After a full consultation with our fertility specialist Doctor you will be invited in Embryoclinic for the Sperm cryopreservation. For the Sperm Cryopreservation it is required to sign the relevant consent forms, have a negative viral screen (HIV Type I/II, HbsAg, anti-HCV, RPR/VDRL) in between 6 months and a negative PCR Covid Test in between 48 hours.

The Coordinator of your treatment will guide you in all legal requirements, tests and logistics prior to the sperm cryopreservation.

By the time we will have the sperm in the clinic we will start the procedure of matching. As soon as we allocate you with your donor we will let you know and if you agree we will start the stimulation of your donor.

With this program we guarantee the creation of minimum of 3 top blastocysts. That means that you will have minimum 2 Embryo transfers with Top quality blastocysts.

Recipient Process

The process of recipient’s preparation is as well very excited, and especially for the patient as on this Frozen Embryotransfer protocol we are free of stress on regards to the embryos. Since the creation of the embryos has been completed independently, we are sure we have top quality blastocysts stored. So, we can now concentrate to the preparation of the recipient. This can be done ANYTIME after the embryo storage.

The recipient will need a full PRE IVF & Prenatal Screen. That will be personalized suggested by the fertility Doctor. Based on the results and If everything is fine, the recipient will decide when she wishes to have the Embryotransfer and our doctors will prescribe the medical treatment.

Based on the cycle we will send to the recipient the medication protocol with dates, detailed instructions for scans & bloods, and the date of Embryotransfer. The medicated protocol consists mostly of tabs. These tabs will create a friendly endometrial environment where after ~20 days we will implant the embryo or embryos! Along with the medicated treatment, Embryoclinic is fully licensed to advise and provide holistic services such as fertility massage, fertility acupuncture, nutrition advises based on the medical results and counseling. Holistic approach has a powerful role in the success of the treatment and it is highly recommended.

The visit in Greece for the Embryotransfer can be for just 2-3 days and it requires a negative PCR Covid test in between 48h from the implantation. After implantation the recipient can relax in our warm environment and will take full after Embryotransfer instructions about the first days of implantation, medications, nutrition, habits etc.

When after ~ 2 weeks of implantation the pregnancy test is positive then the recipient will have a 12 week instructions regarding the medications and monitoring in their country.
EmbryoClinic has ISO 9001:2015 – EN 15224:2012 Certification & COVID SHIELD CERTIFICATION.

If you want more information about our egg donation programme, please fill in the contact form in the end of our profile page and we will get in touch with you.
You are also welcome to visit our website and see the full range of services e treatments we offer.

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