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Our vision is to improve global accessibility to personalised fertility care, at minimal cost to populations.


We use research, clinical skills and technology to create products with global reach to make personalised fertility care accessible to all.


  • Educate, bringing evidence-based information to your fingertips.
  • Transform, researching ways to optimize your fertility health.
  • Access, making fertility care accessible to everyone.
  • Support, helping you cope with physical and emotional challenges.
  • Inspire, promoting connection and purposeful living.

Meet the Team

Andreia Trigo RN BSc MSc Nursing

CEO & Founder

I am a nurse consultant, co-founder and CEO of Enhanced Fertility. I was diagnosed with infertility at the young age of 17. I remember very well the day I was told I would never have children. It’s true I cannot control what happened to me, but I can still choose how to respond. Enhanced Fertility is my life mission, that allows me to give meaning to my own diagnosis of infertility by helping so many people around the world grow their families.

Frank Sullivan FRSA

CTO & Founder

I am Andreia’s husband, co-founder and CTO of Enhanced Fertility. I personally understand the challenges, stigma and lack of support that so many men still face when trying to conceive. At Enhanced Fertility I make sure all the technical bits are in order so you can safely and securely enjoy the app and website.

Beatriz Trigo BSc Psychology

Wellbeing & Healthy Minds

I am a psychologist and Director of Wellbeing and Healthy Minds at Enhanced Fertility. Following an eating disorder during my teenage years, my cycles stopped for over a year and I was told it wasn’t clear whether my fertility had been affected. As a young woman wanting to have children in the future, I understand the importance of assessing my fertility and creating a plan. At Enhanced Fertility I bring my knowledge in psychology and research to help you with the emotional aspects of trying to conceive.

Marcela Fanti MSc Marketing

Marketing & Communications

I am the Communications and Marketing Manager at Enhanced Fertility. After some fertility challenges, I am finally pregnant. I know how challenging it is to find trustworthy information online when trying to conceive. At Enhanced Fertility I oversee all aspects of communication and information to make sure these are consistent, engaging and meeting your needs.

Jayne Chace

Board Advisor

I am a Board Advisor at Enhanced Fertility. After extensive experience in the technology sector, I feel compelled to use it towards a greater good. At Enhanced Fertility I advise on strategy and growth so we can help as many people as possible around the world.

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