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17th February 2022
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5 Reasons Why Greece is a Good Destination for Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment in Greece
Blog post written in collaboration with our partners EmbryoClinic
Greece has been one of the top destinations for couples seeking fertility treatment. With the IVF legislative framework established in 2005, it allows women up to 50 years old, and men regardless of age, to access treatment. We spoke with Dr Elias Tsakos from EmbryoClinic to learn about the 5 reasons why people decide to go to Greece for fertility treatment.

1. The clinical team

Fertility treatment is well regulated in Greece, but it’s the team that makes EmbryoClinic stand out. Dr Elias Tsakos FRCOG, is a British trained and certified fertility specialist with 20 years experience, bringing British standards to a clinic in Greece. At EmbryoClinic, the whole team meets to review and discuss options for each patient, to make sure treatment is personalised and optimised. From doctors, nurses, midwives to embryologists, you can make sure they will look after you.

2. International coordinators

Many patients having treatment at EmbryoClinic come from abroad. A team of international coordinators, speaking several languages, make the process easy for these patients. From booking consultations, chasing results, flights and stay – they will help you every step of the way.

3. Safe and certified environment

Above all, at EmbryoClinic wants patients to feel safe. Certifications are given to clinics who achieve high standards of practice. EmbryoClinic achieved ISO 9001:2015 and EN 15224:2012 accreditations for its services in fertility management. The certification was awarded accredited by Bureau Veritas (UK), a global leader in providing technical, safety and certification services.

4. Close to you

If you are living in the UK, Embryoclinic has collaborations with healthcare providers in the UK to make sure that you are supported before, during and after treatment. This means who may only need to come to Greece a couple of times and can be supported the rest of the treatment in the UK.

5. Sharing information

The EmbryoClinic team know how important it is for patients to access trustworthy information. That’s why Dr Elias Tsakos participates in several webinars, making this information available for all. Check past and future webinars here.


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